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Each year the CommUNITY Education Program presents or sponsors over 100 interactive programs in the residence halls and across campus. In addition they develop monthly educational bulletin boards and other passive programs. Many of these programs are one-time only events, so it's important to frequently check the CUE Events Calendar.


A key for successful event planning is collaboration. CUEs frequently work with other staff members, organizations, and communities to develop and implement programs. If you have an idea for a program please contact the CUE in your building or one of our graduate or professional staff members.

Recurring Programs

The CUE program also has several programs or series of programs that take place on a regular basis. Many of these programs have won local and national recognition.

JOIN US as we learn and understand our place in a movement that continues.

Civil Rights Immersion Trip

As a part of the CommUNITY Education Program’s commitment to diversity education, we are excited to sponsor the thirteenth annual Civil Rights Immersion Trip. In past years we have traveled to civil rights landmarks and museums in Birmingham, Montgomery, Memphis, Washington DC, Atlanta, Topeka (KS), Little Rock, Selma, and Tuskeegee.

Please view the Information and Application for the 2017 Civil Rights Immersion Trip in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The CUEs frequently collaborate with other groups on diversity related programs, such as retreats. In the past topics have included such things as White Privilege, Conversations on Race, Spirituality, and Masculinity.

Join us for the 2016 Conversations on Race. This free overnight retreat, Friday, February 19 (4 p.m.) to Saturday, February 20 (5 p.m.), is an honest and open dialog about race. People of all backgrounds and identities are encouraged to attend. Applications are due by 5 p.m., Friday, February 12. Let's talk about race.
Conversations on Race Application